We are a team of film professionals with global experiences. We’re excited to share what we’ve learned with you. We understand that many African filmmakers and producers lack the resources they need. It's why we focus on the aspect of film production that is often overlooked. We have identified key elements to improving quality of production. Our workshops are designed to do just that. Every member of our team believes what you believe that Africa's productions cab do better. We don't want to teach you everything about film production, just those essential little things.



Hi, Kgomotso here; I am a film producer and founder of the WENA PROJECT. Having been in the film industry for almost two decades, I bring experience and vision. I believe the next generation of African film professionals must do things right. Our films must be good enough to export to the global market, beginning with getting the proper training to produce world-class productions. The WENA PROJECT was founded because we can no longer wait, expect, and hope for change to come from the outside.



Hi, Thabi here; I am an actor. I've been in the film and TV industry for many years. Like all of the Wena Pro team, I also see great opportunities in the film industry. I believe if we take ourselves seriously enough to get the proper training required, Africa can produce great films and employ many young film professionals. After many years as an actor and working on exciting productions, I've seen what can happen when trained and passionate professionals work on a production. Passion alone is not enough. I joined Wena Pro to pass on my years of knowledge to you. The ball is in your court now. Do you want to be a professional or mediocre? You choose.



Hi, Mark here; I am an entrepreneur who has been in the creative and NGO industry for the past 25 years. I am dedicated to the advancement of African talents and development. I am excited to join WENA ARTS in the further development of the African creative industry.



Hi, Farah here; I am excited to work with Wena Pro on this exciting journey. I work on top shows in SA such as UMBUSO, RHYTHM CITY, ISIDINGO, BACKSTAGE, and SCANDAL. Africa needs professionally-trained screen actors able to work in the global industry. When we watch a film, the thing that makes us love the film is the actors' performance and the story. African film programs often neglect the acting and focus on camera and equipment. Let's put the focus where it belongs, SCREEN ACTING. I bring my love of acting, my long experiences, and my desire to see the next generation of African screen actors to be respected worldwide.



Hi, Maria Mukuka here; I am an actor and educator working in Lusaka, London and New York City. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge of this industry and craft with young actors and creatives. I believe that the future is African and that it is our responsibility as African artists to share our own stories with truth, creativity and finesse. I look forward to joining the Wena Project on this exciting journey!



Hi, Kevin here; I am Cinematographer wither 35 years of working in film, TV, and commercials. I possess an all-around knowledge of everything film. In fact, you could say I am a product specialist. I am ready to pass on my years of knowledge to Africa's next generation of film professionals. I look forward to engaging you and working to help improve your skills. I am excited to join the WENA training program.



Hi, Mana here; I am a professional Focus Puller with years of experience working in film and TV, mainly in South Africa and Botswana. I love what I do. I understand the importance of my job on a film set. My job is to ensure that each shot is in sharp focus. I perform my duty flawlessly so as not to make the action in the shot retaken. Focus Pulling is an essential part of making a professional film, and when people watch a film, they often don't know the diligent process that went into the filming process. That's the magic of focus pulling.



Hi, Thomas here; I am a film production specialist with decades of experience in the Camera, Lighting and Grips Departments. You can call me a Lighting Designer. Film and Photography lighting are what make us see the talent. Lighting design makes the characters being filmed and photographed much more appealing, and every filmmaker and photographer must know that. The Light sets the mood for film and photography, and knowing how to light can do wonders for your project. I want to pass on my vast knowledge in lighting design.



Hi, Mid here; I am a filmmaker and an actor. Over the years, I directed a handful of films and starred in indie films and plays. One thing that pops out to me in all the films and plays is the actors' performance. The acting is what the audience sees. In African cinema, we don't pay enough attention to the trade of acting. We’ve been conditioned that actors do not need training. That couldn’t be further from the truth. It's time to change that false noting. My goal is to help the young generation of African actors live up to their potential. This begins with proper training. There is no shortcut to success.