Don't bet your dreams on just passion alone.
Get trained.


Dreams Aren’t Enough!

As crucial as dreams are, they aren’t enough. Why? Dreams don’t take you where you want to go. A dream needs wings, tangible vision, skills acquisition — and a plan.

No serious production will hire non-professionally trained actors. This is why foreign productions that come to Africa come with their actors. These productions know that most African actors do not have the proper training for the screen.

Join the Wena Pro workshop, and we will guide you in becoming a respected and professional actor.


Write to inspire.

This course is designed for people who already have some idea of screenwriting. In this course, we do not necessarily adhere to the rigid formula of screenwriting; instead, we explore writing by the writer however he or she chooses.

The writing is where it all begins. Understanding how to write a great screenplay makes a difference for a film. At WENA ARTS we help prospective screenwriters improve their writing through inherent creativity.

Sign up for the Wena Arts training, and we will guide you in becoming a respected and professional screenwriter.


The little BIG things.

Knowing your camera goes a long way. Understanding the little things can make a huge difference in the quality of your film and, most importantly, the technical accuracy when you use your camera equipment.

There are many things to pay attention to when filming, such as FOCUS PULLING, TECHNICAL LIGHTING, EXPOSURE MEASUREMENT, GREYCARD, and so on.

The WENA ARTS CAMERA WORK program is taught by professionals with decades of experience working with cameras.


Light reflects story.

Mastering lighting in motion picture is the kings discipline for every cinematographer. The best camera cannot capture the perfect footage without advanced lighting techniques.

From 3 point lighting to sidelight set ups, colour conception, positive, negative and artificial lighting techniques we train our students in hands on workshops to manifest a wide skillset.

The learned skill will fill the the cameramans toolbox and enables to create lighting setups supporting camera work, story and acting.